Manchester Vs Cheltenham - Saturday

Manchester Vs Cheltenham - Saturday the 10th - 11-7 Win

We started the game at a quick pace and took the game to them early on, however, we managed to not finish prematurely. 

A popular moment in the quarter was Micky scoring and John reminding everyone that no-one is too big for the Big Mikey Paterson.

The second quarter we really asserted our dominance and gained a healthy lead with good counter-attacking polo with good communication in defence. This continued into the third as well. We cruised like a Rolls Royce for these two periods with everyone putting in a shift for each other and working really well as a team.

Into the fourth quarter, and the shakes started to occur a little bit and gave them two early goals with not as good communication in defence and losing the ball and sloppy in the attack. 

However, this was just a little bump on our cruise control journey as after gifting them there the second goal of the quarter we regained control which showed great team spirit and calmness (didn’t panic). From then (bare one moment) we saw the game out very well. 

Was a good day gents with a solid performance but still have lots to work on. 

Report by Dylan Green (Hat #1)

Manchester Vs Lancaster - Sunday

Manchester Vs Lancaster - Sunday the 11th - 7-6 Win

Sunday morning was a big test for the Men from Manchester. They faced an inform Lancaster side, which included GB international Tom Curwen. Lancaster was 3 games from 3, but they were yet to face Theo Nousios Men. A win would put Manchester at the top of the table with a game in hand.

Lancaster started strong, scoring two quick goals. This set up what was going to be a tough game. Then Lewis Daly stepped up with his tongue sticking out, which only means one thing, he’s about to either shoot or pass. ‘Bloody good shot sir’ someone shouted as the ball tickled the back of the net. End of period 1, Manchester trail 2-1. 

During the 2nd period, Manchester earned a man up. Aaron Winstanley (who at this point people are just confused how he’s lasted this long) commands a 1-2 move which works perfectly with Paddon making it 3-3. End of period 2, Manchester trail 4-3 after failing to take out Lancaster’s talisman Curwin who scored again.

Period 3, Lancaster scored again making it 5-3 (I’ll let you guess who scored). Spilios Kaloudis slots home from the only place you’ll find him, on 5 metres, giving Manchester a chance again. Just at the end of the period, John bellows out “GO ON MIKEY”, which must mean that Mikey (or Micky @dylangreen) has scored. End of period 3 the score was still in Lancaster’s favour at 6-5.

Charles Booth urged his Men for a big final period, as he knew that if he lost Holly (His wife) wouldn’t let him stop for chips on the way home. Now with Curwen struggling to carry his team for a final period, Manchester looked to capitalise on this. “GO ON MIKEY” rang out again from the bench, Mikey with an important equaliser, destroying another GB senior. Two minutes to go, Lewis Daly steps up again with a strong 8m shot. This gave Manchester the lead for the first time of the game. Then with 15 seconds to go, the Lancaster coach made a rookie error and called his 2nd time out of the same period (which is forbidden) meaning Manchester regained possession and could see out the game in control.

After 4 games, Manchester sits at the top of the table and Charles gots his chips!

Report by Dan Paddon (Hat #2)

Reports edited for family consumption by Martin Howe