Senior women Matlock

Matlock 2015 v Penquins and Liverpool

  The women were in action at Matlock where they faced Penguin Emperors and a top of the table clash against local rivals Liverpool. Saturday's match was against the Penguins and despite a slow start and a missed penalty the women eventually started to pull ahead . The Penguins made a brief comeback in the third but Manchester continued to pull ahead eventually winning 12-7 (4-2,3-0,2-4,3-1) with goals for Casey (4), Steph (1), Ella (3), Emma (3) & Becky (1). Sunday saw the women play early league leaders Liverpool and Liverpool started strongly building a 4 goal lead before Manchester started to claw back, helped in part by a 15m shot by Casey, the first period ending 5-3. However, in the second Liverpool showed why they are unbeaten so far this season and lead 9-4 at half time. The rest of the game followed a similar pattern with Manchester unable to eat into Liverpool's goal advantage, the game eventually ending 14-6 (5-3,4-1,2-0,3-2). However with 5 seconds to go the game ended in a touch of controversy with the referee sending off Annie from the bench after mistakenly believing she was bad mouthing him. A harsh decision but no one on the bench should be putting the referee in that position. Next up for the women is the Super 5's with the other teams being Liverpool, Otter, Coventry and Caledonia. Team: J Smith, C Smith, R Egan, S Whittaker, E Chadderton, E Bartlett, E Lee, E R Eastwood, A Clapperton, V Hawkins, A Lord, L Thomas